We're all a bit laazy

Super-simple image processing

The most intuitive, flexible and powerful way to resize and manipulate images online, either one at a time or in bulk.

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Super-simple image processing

Tired of editing images again and again?

Frustrated with image editing

You're wasting too much of your precious time fiddling with Photoshop for your images to get that wow effect. Watching too many videos on how to get the right size and effect on your latest blog image. Time equals money! You should be focusing on promoting yourself, not figuring out complex programs.

Laazy's fast image processing gets you back managing your content in record time.

Your Laazy Image Editing Happens Here.

Laazy resizing

Resize or reframe an image more quickly than you could in desktop software, and save more time by processing multiple images at once.

Laazy templates

Quickly create processing templates once, that allow your team to easily complete repetitive image adjustments.

Laazy formatting

Standardise your images by applying common formatting, filters or branding elements in the same way each time.

Laazy selection

Specify which image formats you need your processed files to be, and those will be created for you ready for download.

Laazy removal

Images can contain sensitive information such as location or camera data which you may not want to share. Fear not, Laazy will remove it!

Laazy optimising

While 'bigger is better' may sometimes be true, it's often not for images. Laazy will automatically reduce and optimize file sizes.

We can set up approved pipelines

The best thing about using Laazy in my organization is that we can set up approved pipelines that allow our non graphic savvy people to process images that meet our specs every time.

Vidthya Chandra - Producer

Stop learning how to adjust images yourself and become Laazy.

We have done the hard work so you don't have to.

Takes the boring stuff out of spinning up new social accounts

Takes the boring stuff out of spinning up new social accounts by tailoring graphic sizes with just a few clicks!

Matt DePaso - Social media manager