Getting to know Laazy


Laazy provides a suite of simple image processing tools that speed up your daily image grind.



Pipelines - A better approach to image processing.

Laazy is a fresh approach to processing and preparing images that takes the guesswork and repetition out of boring tasks.

Graphics programs are all basically the same, start with your image on a Canvas, use a bunch of complex tools and save the image - then do it again every time.

Laazy pipelines are different, we start with the process, a pipeline is a series of actions that are performed in sequence on an image, from basic operations like resizing & cropping to more complex tasks such as masking an image or removing a background - Laazy has got you covered.


Build once, run, repeat

Configure your pipeline to suit your needs then repeat. Start off with basic cropping and resizing adding more actions as you go. .

Every time you need an image processed just drag and drop an image into your pipeline and it will output it perfectly every time. Right in your browser, no software to download and install.

Forget writing image dimensions down on a post-it note, never publish an image with the wrong dimensions ever again - run your pipeline in less time that it takes to even open your graphics software.

Read more about pipelines here.

new pipeline

It's all in the Actions

Actions are the secret sauce that makes Laazy so powerful, each action performs a specific task and can be configured just how want them.

Add only the actions you need, you can even split your pipeline with the Split action to create multiple output images, perfect for preparing images to match the required sizes of various publishing needs.

We are adding actions all the time, read docs to see what all the different actions can do. If we don't have an action that you need, let us know - it will likely be in the 'pipeline' (see what we did there).


Pardon the interruption

Sometimes fully automated Pipelines just won't cut it. Thats where interrupts come in, some actions can be configured to pause the pipeline and ask you for some feedback.

The Set Focal Point action will ask you to click on the most important part of the image, so all subsequent cropping operations will focus on that part, keeping the important parts of the image centered in the image.