Securing your image data

Securing your image data

Sharing photos on the web is a great way to connect with the world.

From memorable pictures of a friends’ hangout to meaningful ones like wedding albums – everything is shared on social media.

However, in the midst of sharing our happiness, we may unknowingly be sharing sensitive information.

Don’t worry, we don’t mean sensitive like your bank account details (Goodness no!). Let’s find out what kind of information it is and what you can do about it.

What is EXIF?

EXIF stands for Exchangeable Image File Format. It is the data that is attached to your photo. Professional and even smartphone cameras embed some basic information within the image.

These are usually general details like the camera model, serial number, when the photo was taken, and the image settings.

However, with the popularity of geotagging, your location is also part of the data.

While it does allow for many interesting options like photo-sharing – it also means your location can be accessed by almost anyone.

How to Protect Photos?

Now, you can remove EXIF data for yourself, but it can be an annoyance diving into settings. You have to locate the image properties and individually remove EXIF data. Think about having to do that for a whole album!

Thankfully, the Laazy tool arrives like a knight in shining armor; fully equipped to handle the technical headache of stripping sensitive data from images.

Just upload your photo at Laazy and it clears all your personal information from the image in seconds.

If you are a professional photographer and wish for specific information removal – perhaps only the location details - Laazy works to your command.

Easy with Laazy

Now you can spread joy and warmth through your photos without ever having to worry about sharing your private data.

Laazy makes your work easy and convenient – try Laazy today.