Pipelines - the laazy way of processing

Pipelines - the laazy way of processing

Images are all around us. We recognize pictures before we interpret words. Naturally, with the growth of social media, they have become one of the most powerful tools used to connect to people.

Whether it is Facebook, Instagram, or blogging websites, the selection and placement of images is vital to keeping audiences engaged.

Are you aware of the fact that the attention of people is just a meager seven seconds nowadays?

This makes visuals even more important. After all, nothing hooks people in and maintains their attention better than high-quality visuals.

Personalizing images

Certain images appeal more to a specific viewership. This is where the art of image processing and image manipulation comes in. On your website or page, you need a stunning design or special effects. For that, you need to leverage photo editors or image enhancers.

Now, you can use them yourself. For the first time, it will be fun. Second time around, it will be a bit tedious and boring.

After that… you don’t even want to do it. Plus, if you need to get multiple photos edited or enhanced, then you might be in a bit of a pickle.

Laazy Pipelines make it easy

But what if you didn’t have to do it all manually? Pipelines is your image processing solution.

You only need to edit your photo once. Then, you can just drop in an image (photos even!), and it will repeat the exact procedure on its own. It even allows you to choose preset image manipulation actions.

How does Laazy do it? Simple, it creates a recurring set of processes that stores the steps you followed to perfect your first image, and then it automatically applies them to all the following ones. How cool and useful is that?!


Speed up bloggers/social media managers’ lives using Laazy Pipelines, so they have more time to focus on posting their content than worrying about optimizing pictures every time.

Time in the digital world is precious. Users log in and out in minutes. A social media manager knows how important it is to keep his content updated and relevant.

Let Laazy handle your pictures and be your partner in growing your social media and website!