Have you ever been given a huge image by a client or designer and told to put it on the website? Only to have it crash the software or take forever to do anything.

Yeah us too, we hate that.

So we decided to fix it. Laazy now supports functionally unlimited image size uploads*.

Let’s say that again, Laazy now supports functionally unlimited file size uploads*

Yep you read that right, you can now upload your massive, hard drive hogging images up to Laazy and still process them just as quick.

Those astute ones of you will have noticed that little * at the end of our statement. Yes, there are some considerations, we aren’t made of servers after all (or are we?).

Processable image size

Your account type will determine your “processable image size”. This means you can upload any crazy image size you like, just before it is available to your Canvas or Pipeline we will do a little checking and magic behind the scenes and bring things down to earth by resizing the image to something managable (but still big), its this pre-sized image that will be used to apply your Laazy magic to. These are the pixel limits (width + height) for differnet account types.

  • Free accounts - 3000 or 1080p
  • Enhanced accounts - 6000 or 4K
  • Pro accounts - 12000 or 8K

We decided on this approach when we realised so many images today are billboard sized resolutions but in reality the images that end up actually being used are much smaller.

Practical limits to limitless

Just to prevent abuse of the facility free user accounts are still limited to 10mb per file uploaded.

Limitless file sizes are available for both Pipelines and Canvases.

Stay Laazy

Mind blown