Laazy image optimising... making it simple

Laazy image optimising... making it simple

So many websites, so many requirements, and hardly any time.

Do you ever feel bogged down by the painstaking process of having to adjust your files or photos every time you upload them?

Sometimes, it takes hours perfecting the size of the file and then you find out image quality is distorted, or the file format is too heavy. To add to it every site has its own set of requirements!

For a smooth process and no such issues – do it the Laazy way.

Optimizing File Size

You no longer have to worry about the hassle of reducing and optimizing file size for use on the web. Laazy has got you covered!

One of Laazy’s many actions is to optimize your files according to your requirement. Here’s how it works:

1. Reduce

Large files take longer to upload – and when there is a dozen of them, it takes AGES! You can easily compress the files through Laazy. The content remains the same and there’s hardly a noticeable change in the quality.

It speeds up your work immensely and most importantly of all - the website users don’t have to wait to view your content.

2. Resize

A picture you might have captured from your phone or camera is likely to be larger than the size you want to upload. When the website tries to adjust it ends up losing its quality.

You can run the image through Laazy to scale it down - keeping its quality intact.

Voila! You can fit it on any site you like.

Time to Act Laazy!

What’s even more special about using Laazy is you can save your preferences. So next time you need to make the same adjustments, all it will take is a simple click! Head over to our website now and ease your way through reducing your file sizes.

Save time! Save energy! Work smarter – or work laazy!