Exploring the Image Format Exporter

Exploring the Image Format Exporter

All images are in the same format, aren’t they? Of course, some tend to be heavier or in high definition, but that’s just normal - right?

Well, most of us might think the same but actually, there is so much that goes on behind seemingly ordinary images.

Surely you would’ve seen the extensions JPG or JPEG when uploading or downloading photos on your computer. Ever wondered what they meant?

What about GIF – those moving images that are so popular nowadays? Yes! Those are images too!

Exporting in Different Image Formats

There is a world of image formats you can explore that can change the way you use your photographs. With Laazy, it becomes a piece of cake.

Images can be of two types: raster or vector.


Raster images are made up of tiny pixels and have a fixed resolution. This means if you enlarge them; they will become blurry. JPEG are the most common raster format. They’re compatible with almost every website or device. However, the image quality is not the best.

Whereas, PNG don’t lose any quality and work on most platforms. The only disadvantage; they are a bit heavy. Tiff images are even better in quality - focusing on the tiniest details - but they can’t be used as widely.


On the other hand, vector images are a bit of math magic. Large or small, they are still as good. Hence, these work better for illustrated pictures. SVG helps with cartoons and animations. For posters and magazines, PDF formats make printability convenient.

If you’re looking for logos or designs, then EPS images allow you to adjust for any size or print.

The Laazy Format

Laazy helps you export photos in any format, you just need to know how you want your picture to turn out.

Create the best photos with Laazy by your side.