All the socials

All the socials

Ever wondered how some people’s images on social media always look just right? Perfect size and cropping, crystal clear resolution, space and dimensions perfectly balanced… Rest assured this doesn’t happen by accident! Every platform has a sweet-spot in the not-so-obvious art of image sizing.

Getting your posts just right will ensure it stands out on whatever platform you choose. The problem is, given the huge number of platforms and all their different formats, resizing an image for social media can be a huge pain in the neck, especially if you regularly have to post images on many different platforms.

Luckily, Laazy has your back! Firstly, it allows you to build your own pipelines, where you can set and automate aspect ratio and resize actions for images that you want to post on your favourite social channels. But it gets better!

Read on to find out how Laazy can make your life easier when it comes to preparing pictures for social media.

The Real MVP: Socials Action

The Socials Action can be used with predefined sizing for all the major social channels, and all of their main placement types (e.g. FB profile vs cover pictures, IG stories etc.).

This action will take any image, check that it is big enough – so you won’t lose any pixel fidelity even on the densest screens – then resize the image and re-crop it perfectly to automatically fit any type of post. No more leaving it to Facebook to decide where crop your masterpiece!

In a rush? Start a Canvas!

If you just have a quick post to go up, or you are only targeting a single platform, the quick and dirty way to get your image ready is to use our Canvas tool to upload your image and apply the socials action.

Once it’s cropped to perfection, download your image and it’s ready for posting. If you want, you can still apply other actions, such as filter etc. Using all actions in Canvas is completely free! Screen Shot 2019-08-27 at 10.41.37 am

Busy Bee? Create a Pipeline!

If you normally post on several platforms, and/or have a large number of images to prepare, we recommend using our Pipelines tool to match your workflow. Create a new pipeline and add in all your favourite actions.

Then add your socials action, selecting the appropriate social network and placement types. Then drag and drop one or more images into your pipeline and boom, you’re done! Just remember to split your pipeline into multiple outputs first, if you have multiple social networks or placements to prepare.

*Note since the socials action is a pro action, you’ll need to have a paid account to save this pipeline for later use. Screen Shot 2019-08-27 at 10.43.52 am

List of supported platforms and placements

Below is a full list of all the platforms and placements supported and maintained by Laazy. We regularly monitor these and update them when new ones come out. If you notice some are missing, please let us know and we’ll consider it for inclusion.

  • Facebook
    • Profile photo
    • Cover photo
    • Feed post
    • Story
    • Shared link thumbnail
    • Timeline photo - Max
    • Timeline photo - Square
    • Timeline photo - Landscape
    • Event header image
    • Feed ad
  • Instagram
    • Profile photo
    • Post - square
    • Post - portrait
    • Post - landscape
    • Story
  • Twitter
    • Profile image
    • Tweet
    • Card
  • LinkedIn
    • Profile image
    • Cover photo
    • Company cover photo
    • Post
    • Sponsored post
  • Pinterest
    • Profile image
    • Board cover
    • Pin
  • YouTube
    • Video thumbnail
    • Channel art
    • Channel icon
  • SnapChat
    • Snap
  • Twitch
    • Profile image
    • Cover image
    • Thumbnail

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